Guy Kawasaki

Walking back from the Global ICT Townhall meeting with our Section Chief, I was eloquently waxing frustrated (frustratic?) at the collection of totally uninspiring bureaucrats who assembled to present an ICT strategy that’s supposed to drag us into the 21st century.

Save for a perky fresh hire young enough to be the daughter of every other person on stage (who had to resist the urge to channel her inner pop-star when she took hold of the hand-held), these guys exhibited the kind of enthusiasm for their respective projects usually reserved for root canals or invasive surgery. They looked defeated before they’d begun and projected the image of inevitable failure and futility.

So I was totally laying into them to my Chief on our way back to our offices, saying they should staff this thing with thirty-something year old drop out tech heads from the Valley with extensive experience in failed start ups. And then put some ex-CEO, Silicon Valley evangelist-type with VC contacts and some serious tech cred. Someone… Someone…

Then he goes, “Guy Kawasaki.”

And I go nuts, going, “Yes! Exactly. Someone like Guy Kawasaki!”

This is all by way of saying, I’ve got one of the coolest bosses in history. He gets it. He gets me. (He completes me.) And he knows of Guy Kawasaki. (And OK, no, he doesn’t complete me.)

He’s the one who should be running that show.